Another memory of Gabbiano, living in the moment

piu' giallo di così...Once I was at Somachandra, passing through between Terrazzatura devotional work and food shopping at Tentaty, or an appointment to verify my Tecnarcato program and a work meeting, or my cooking and cleaning turn at the nucleo and Meditation practices … anyhow, I was in movement and in a bit of a rush, with the day’s schedule scrolling in front of my eyes while I exited through the glass door and passed in front of the tables. Gabbiano was sitting there, back after a long absence. I stopped to salute him.

He looked at me with the most brilliant eyes and a smile that emanated peace and happiness. Time stopped for a moment, and all the hurry that was fogging over my mind disappeared. From his eyes, I felt the heat from the light of absolute presence. Gabbiamo was delighting in being alive, as I should have been if i weren’t so behind on emails. Here again, just a few minutes together, so dense that they transmitted the world to me. A way of being, living every moment with joy, celebration … while we are here, while we are together, here and now.

Una volta ero al Somachandra di passaggio tra la Terrazzatura e le spese a Tentaty, o la verifica Tecnarcale ed un incontro di lavoro, o il turni di nucleo e le pratiche di Meditazione … comunque ero in movimento con un po’ di fretta e con la programmazione della giornata che scorreva davanti ai miei occhi, mentre uscivo dalla porta e passavo davanti ai tavolini. C’era Gabbiano seduto lì, tornato dopo una lunga assenza. Mi sono fermata per salutarlo.

Lui mi guardava con occhi luminosissimi ed un sorriso che emanava pace e felicità. Il tempo si è fermato e per un attimo, tutta la fretta che stava offuscando i miei pensieri è scomparsa. Dai sui occhi, sentivo il calore della luce di presenza assoluta. Gabbiano stava godendo la vita, come dovrei fare anch’io se non fossi così dietro alle e-mail. Anche lì, pochi minuti insieme così densi che mi hanno trasmesso il mondo, un modo di essere, vivendo ogni attimo con gioia, celebrare … mentre ci siamo, mentre siamo insieme qui e ora.


4 thoughts on “Another memory of Gabbiano, living in the moment

  1. Thank you for sharing the inspiration and teachings of this wise elder. Condolences and sympathy to you and yours as you grieve his passing, and the joy of transcendent, yet veiled liberation from the mortal frame .

    • You’re very welcome Terrye. And thank you for your words. It’s a pleasure to keep the spirit of loved ones alive through sharing stories and emotion. I sense he is liberated and free.

  2. Yes…thank you for sharing this memory of Gabbiano. I know you will miss him very much, but it sounds as if you all have many wonderful memories that he left for you as hhis gift.

    • Dear Debora,

      Yes, indeed, I have a few precious memories, and others have many, many more. He was over 90 years old when he passed away! A full and active life. We are compiling a collection of stories about him to keep these memories alive through time.


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