Mercury retrograde in the Mission and Lower Haight

star boxSan Francisco. So many layers of memory, scenes and places, street names, scents, sensations. After two years since my last visit and seven since I uprooted from you, I came back in, driving a Lexus right into the heart of the Mission, leaving the car with friends in front of Good Vibrations, side stepping into Clarion Alley where I drifted and gazed at the murals new and faded. Such contrasts in this city. No wonder I wrote a whole novel about you, celebrating your enigmas, juxtapositions and boundless love … I pass the Lexington Club and remember.
swirl of color

There’s 826 Valencia, Paxton Gate. Elbo Room after work at Global Exchange, Sunflower Vietnamese Cuisine…Kilowatt-Shakespeare burlesque. zen friends at Forest Books. All those mornings sitting zazen on the street in front of the federal building, then tea and sweetness.galactic tree Adobe Bookshop-when all your books were arranged by color. I hop the 22 Muni to Lower Haight… late night stops at the corner health food store. Love n’ Haight, Noc Noc. 410 Haight Street-medical mayhem mixing with all the mayhem of the streets, Underground SF beats vibrating into the Victorian decor after 2 am. San Francisco Zen Center-oh, not since teen goth phase had I worn so much black and silence.
cat eyes

Now, a rainbow of colors every day of the week including underwear except white on Sunday and hyper-stimulation in ornamental Atlantean sacred spaces, so different from your Japanese minimalism and vague dokusan answers about past lives, though I am still counting breaths and pulsing with the heart of now, with the present moment, which one after another brought me back into you, my wild divine golden dream of a city.

Ocean Beach sunset


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