love. eternal boundless fire.

heartIt’s Valentine’s Day. Yay love. Here’s a link to an article on Love and partnership on the path of awakening drawing from the experience and wisdom of a community elder.

As for me. Well, as much as I love love, feeling in love and falling in love, I admit I don’t understand so much about traditional relationships, committed partnership or marriage.

Surveying what has come forth from the five levels of Past Lives Research I have done with support from Way of the Oracle vision … Let’s see. I’ve had past incarnations devoted to a Tibetan monastery, exotic plant biology research in Africa, shamanic healing in Peru, nomadic Alaskan tribes and hunting in a trance, fishing in the Mediterranean and deep sea diving. In none of these lives did I have a spouse, life partner or children. Except for that time as a Neapolitan fisherman when I saved a girl from drowning and then adopted her.

erosI feel like it’s precisely this extensive background of out-of-the-box approaches to life, devotion and relationship that have helped me to embrace the ideal of Unconditional Love. This is the only kind of love worth choosing anymore. This is all I do.

True love is eternal Love and it persists and flows beyond the fluxing conditions of time, place, emotions and sexual storylines.

So, I Love You means I love you when you and I are happy and when we are fighting Sicilian style. When you and I are lovers and when we aren’t anymore, and if we haven’t yet been, and if we won’t be since we already did it all back in Atlantis. I love you in ritual, divinity and alchemy, and in chaos, animality and wildness. I love you when you have gotten yourself into some silly or serious monogamous commitment and I love you when it has dissolved. I love you whether you are in a celibate monastic phase or in a cultivating free love one or in a nesting and parenting one. I love you if we are in the same time zone, city, village, farmland or coast, and I love you if we only meet in the astral and the dreamtime and through telepathy, and on occasion send each other emoticons on skype. I love you if we haven’t spoken in five years. I love you if we don’t speak the same language. I love if you if you don’t remember my sun sign, birthday or name for that matter (it’s probably changed since we’ve been together).

heart sutraUnconditional. It’s a kind of love that is more concerned with supporting the beloved and seeing them happy and whole and progressing on a synchronistic journey of awakening ever more. More than getting a fixed set of social or personal expectations met. Beyond limiting labels and pre-conceived roles. Preconceptions of what love is. or should be.

It’s a love that is strong because it is built on a solid foundation of self-love and love of nature, divinity, creativity, community and family. A sense of being whole and centered that persists in the heart, with or without the presence of a love relationship.

It’s Love that tsunamies through insecurities, ego, attachments and fears.

The only way to love this way is to be awake. Heart on fire. The fire of compassion. The perfection of wisdom.



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