About Quaglia Cocco

quaglia copy2My name is Quaglia Cocco (Quail Coconut in Italian) and I am the first American citizen of Damanhur Spiritual EcoCommunity in northern Italy, where my passion for art and creativity, spiritual devotion, holistic healing, community life and social movements are unified.

My activities at Damanhur have spanned from Public Relations and social media, ecovillage education and event organizing, to serving as Temple guide, visual artist and spiritual healer. I also express my love for guiding journeys of awakening and movement through Sacred Dance and Ecstatic Dance facilitation.

Originally from Houston Texas, I have ethnic origins in Taiwan and China and a Bachelor of Arts degree in Interdisciplinary Studies from the University of California at Berkeley. Other life experiences include supporting human rights and activist campaigns, waking up at 5 am to meditate as a resident student at the San Francisco Zen Center, studying Spiritual Massage at Esalen, exploring new genres and conceptual art at the San Francisco Art Institute, serving as a Nia instructor, teaching acrobatic yoga in an Italian agritourism, creating artist books from my world travels and impulse to frame the poetic beauty of everyday life.

Read a story of nomadic synchronicity and how I arrived in Damanhur…

contact me at quail @ damanhur . it … +39 348 8372446

find me on …




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