the heart of being you

cuore di ghiandeOn my most recent journey in California, I returned to Esaleletting gon in Big Sur, a place that not only nourishes me and restores me to who I most want to be, it has offered some of the most significant synchronic signposts on this ‘roadtrip’ of an incarnation, including the time I met my first Damanhurian friend at the Esalen Art Barn. Every time I go back there, I visit the Art Barn, pay homage to those moments, and sit outside by the roaring crystalline ocean waves and let myself be inspired to write.

Here’s what came through this time. It’s poem for a friend of mine who is moving through some vulnerable moments. She’s a Scorpio. They are sensitive.

in every heart,
there is a place
where you meet all your desires.
a hot chocolate embrace,
sticky kisses of nectar the color of sunshine,
silk pillows stuffed with rainbow bird feathers,
so full that one burst open
and a flurry of feathers
dances with the wind
tickling the laughter out of you,
when the whole world seems to be conspiring
to inspire frowns and tears and
the shrinking of your light.
and in that sacred, delicious place
is a memory
of that one time
you decided to be you
nothing more
just the roaring, passionate everything of our soul
and in being so unapologetically, shame-free you…
you were whole,
and you were loved.

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treeDurante il mio più recente viaggio in California, sono tornata a Esalen in Big Sur, California, un luogo che non solo mi nutre e mi ristabilisce la capacità di vivere come voglio, mi ha offerto alcuni dei segnali stradale più significativi e sincronici durante questo viaggio della mia incarnazione, anche quella volta ho incontrato la mia prima amica damanhuriana al ‘Art Barn’ (laboratorio d’arte) di Esalen. Ogni volta torno a visitare, vado al Art Barn per rendere omaggio a questi momenti e sedermi fuori, vicina alle onde dell’oceano così cristalline e vivaci, per sentirmi ispirata a scrivere… Continue reading


bringing visions from sky to earth

big surnot all spiritual beings fly. some are grounded, really rooted with their feet heavy like rocks and hands colored with earth, because they need to see the planet and its inhabitants from close-up, not from the sky. with open eyes, beaming like rays of sunlight through glass, coloring inner vision, lines, shades of red and yellow. the poetry of forms in matter, in the imperfections. with heart radiating the rhythm and pulsations of blood… they need to be so close that the exhalations of divine breath create fog on the window that looks out to the field vetro portawhere animals live according to their instincts, fog on the camera lens, on the contact lenses, on the skin in contact. bodhisattva, welcome to our world. the wind of your breath – slow as the ocean – brings messages, sighing together with the waves of human events, small and pretty like stones, rounded and carried by the river to the ocean with the water always in movement, nuances of eternal blue.

for Piovra Caffè, written in the Esalen Art Barn, September 2013

gli esseri spirituali non volano tutti. alcuni sono atterrati, ben fondati, con i piedi come rocce e le mani colorati di terra… Continue reading