bringing visions from sky to earth

big surnot all spiritual beings fly. some are grounded, really rooted with their feet heavy like rocks and hands colored with earth, because they need to see the planet and its inhabitants from close-up, not from the sky. with open eyes, beaming like rays of sunlight through glass, coloring inner vision, lines, shades of red and yellow. the poetry of forms in matter, in the imperfections. with heart radiating the rhythm and pulsations of blood… they need to be so close that the exhalations of divine breath create fog on the window that looks out to the field vetro portawhere animals live according to their instincts, fog on the camera lens, on the contact lenses, on the skin in contact. bodhisattva, welcome to our world. the wind of your breath – slow as the ocean – brings messages, sighing together with the waves of human events, small and pretty like stones, rounded and carried by the river to the ocean with the water always in movement, nuances of eternal blue.

for Piovra Caffè, written in the Esalen Art Barn, September 2013

gli esseri spirituali non volano tutti. alcuni sono atterrati, ben fondati, con i piedi come rocce e le mani colorati di terra… Continue reading


Falco. Popolo.

FalcoI smile, because somehow I feel you closer than ever… I see you in the eyes of my spiritual sisters and brothers, the intensity and presence of your gaze gleaming from pairs of eyes so diverse from one another, always shining. I laugh, because the divine and human sense of humor that you always cherished is alive in the words that are shared and the feeling in the air, the lightness of the soul flowing though it all, the highs, the lows, the waves and planes. I dance, because it’s all a celebration, of your intensely full lifetime, every moment saturated with creation, action, magic, Temples and dreams, of our interwoven and interconnected lives, living Popolo reawakening and expressing itself, the wisdom and centeredness of the sages and elders, the enthusiasm and purity of the youth, the playfulness and velocity of the children. Artists, warriors. Symphony in movement, in time. Even if it’s easy to cry these days, if you were to alchemically analyze our tears, you would find emotions full of love, color, vitality and strength. With gratitude, con te sempre.

Sorrido, perché in qualche modo ti sento più vicino che mai… Ti vedo negli occhi dei fratelli e le sorelle, l’intensità e la presenza del tuo sguardo brillando da occhi diversissimi, sempre luminosi. Continue reading

Sychronic wedding adventures, Ecstatic Dance and Damanhur in Colorado

Meredith and TimmIt all began in the Temples of Humankind. I was the guide for a couple, Timm and Meredith, for their first visit to the Temples, and then they came to Ecstatic Dance at Damanhur, which I facilitate. They hosted me at their place in New York when I went to Omega last October, happy to have another contact with Damanhur after an enchanting visit.

Then, Timm contacted me months ago because he was asked to officiate a wedding for dear friends in Denver, and he wanted a special outfit for the occasion made by Damanhurian artists. I put him in contact with the right person and facilitated the order, with the effort of conversion from inches to centimeters and various Italian vocabulary for clothing measurements. A grey suit set in cashmere and silk, the perfect mix between eastern and western style. With great distrust in the Italian postal system after precious things have already been lost between Italy and America, I told him that I would hand deliver the outfit from Damanhur to Denver.

art at the Fusion Factory He enthusiastic about the idea, so I said, “If you help me to organize some events that I can do while I’m there, I’ll come!” Right away, we were activated. Timm introduced me to friends and friends-of-friends, until we had manifested a schedule of activity in Denver for the week before the wedding, all through Facebook. The organizers at the Fusion Factory for the Friday evening event hadn’t really heard of Damanhur until they met me online, did their research and put everything together: the art, music, film, invitations, in less than a month.

Ecstatic Dance at Guildwerks

Wednesday evening, I facilitated an Ecstatic Dance session at Guildwerks, another Denver community art space, with a visual journey through the Temples of Humankind in video projection. The theme of the dance: union and synchronicity, seeing as how Amber and Mike, the bride and groom were present. Thursday, I went to Rhythm Sanctuary, the weekly ecstatic dance event at Denver, and there were more than 300 people there! Waves of joy and movement. Ahva, the founder of Rhythm Sanctuary, had followed the conversation on Facebook for our event organization, and she presented me as a Damanhurian that evening, announcing the Friday event. Like on Wednesday, many people came up to me after the dance to talk about Damanhur with interest and curiosity.

We were hosted at Muse’s place, and Michael came out from California to Denver for the Damanhur infused events. Muse and Michael are two friends of Timm and Meredith, and they all had met each other at Damanhur. So, in this beautiful house with Asiatic and gothic-violet decor, there was a kind of class reunion from their group at Damanhur.

geometric power Saturday, the wedding was held in a sacred space called “The Starhouse” in the Boulder hills. Consecrated land, round wooded structure designed with sacred geometry. Every tree was asked if it wanted to be part of the temple. Before the wedding, Timm was almost as anxious as the groom, and we went to Tonic Herban Lounge in Boulder, an oxygen bar with Atlantean paintings on the walls, where even the proprietor Mark was fascinated by Damanhur. We were nourished by healthy elixirs and delectable raw vegan desserts. While all the raw cacao from the dessert probably didn’t help Timm’s nerves, the aromatherapy infused oxygen did.

wedding danceThe wedding was conceived as an esoteric ritual, with dedicated texts and prescribed gestures, and the outfit made in Damanhur added value and magic. There was also a multicultural aspect, with the Mexican grandmother and the German one reciting prayers in their original languages. The close relatives offered blessings and strips of colored cloth placed over the hands of the couple. At dinner, planetary symbols on the candles indicated the tables for the guests, and each guest had a Thoth tarot card synchronically chosen. Mine was “Completeness.” To balance out all the spiritual seriousness, there was also a rock n’ roll side to it all. During the ceremony, the bride entered to an instrumental rendition of Guns n’ Roses’s “Sweet Child of Mine,” and after dinner, a live band played classics from the Beatles to Michael Jackson while we danced in a rhythmic pulse of celebration.


Tutto è cominciato nei Templi dell’Umanità. Ero l’accompagnatrice con una coppia Timm e Meredith per la visita nei Templi, e poi loro sono venuti alla Danza Estatica a Damanhur, che guido io. Mi hanno ospitato a casa loro a New York quando sono andata ad Omega in ottobre, felici di aver un ulteriore contatto con Damanhur dopo una visita incantevole... Continue reading