Color codes

colors in cultures

This week as I was looking at the images in the Temples of Humankind, I was struck by the colors in the clothes, objects, jewelry and food of the peoples of the world. I thought about how colors speak, how every culture has a different code for using color as communication, with associations and meanings that make it so that a carpet or a scarf becomes poetry without words. Researching the meanings of colors, I have found that:

~ Pink is associated with the feminine and blue with the masculine in many western cultures, while the opposite can be found in Asian cultures. It’s also the case for us at Damanhur: Pan (associated with masculine generative power) has red as a color – and pink by association – and Bast as a representative of goddess energies is connected with the color blue.

~ Mourning is associated with black in the west, while in China and India, the color white is the color of death, and no one wears a white dress at a traditional wedding. Usually they dress in red for marriage, which is a color of fortune. Red is an almost universal color indicating passion. Native Americans think of the color green with love, and Africans blue.

~ Yellow, which is the color of the Damanhur flag, is naturally associated with happiness, optimism, the sun, illumination. In some cultures, it implicates cowardice, while in Japan it represents courage.

~ Green was sacred to the Egyptians, because it represents hope and the joy of springtime. It is often the color of fertility and the earth.

peace quilt~ Blue is associated with divinity, protection, harmony and paradise for the main religions of the world, while in English, “the blues” refers to sadness, depression, and a whole genre of music dedicated to the expression of these melancholic emotions. In German “blau sein” (being blue) means being drunk, and in Russian “light blue” implicates homosexuality, while in Piedmontese (the dialect of Piedmont) “daje ‘l bleu” means ending a romantic relationship.

~ Purple is a color associated with richness and nobility in both the east and the west, partly because until modern times, it was rare to find purple in nature to be able to create pigments. It is also the color of the Catholic liturgy.

~ Orange brings thoughts of energy, vitality, friendship and family. It is a sacred color in Hinduism. For some Native Americans it is a color of healing, and it is also useful for learning. It is also associated with learning in China, as it is for us in Damanhur.

May all of us enjoy the colors of the springtime, in nature, appreciating the diversity of colors and our human diversity.

Quaglia Cocco
The Befana


Questa settimana mentre guardavo gli immagini nei Templi dell’Umanità, mi hanno colpito i colori, nei vestiti, negli oggetti, nei gioielli e nei cibi dei popoli del mondo. Pensavo a come i colori parlano, come ogni cultura ha un codice diverso per utilizzare colore come comunicazione, con associazioni e significati che fanno si che un tappetto o una sciarpa diventa poesia senza parole. Ricercando i significati dei colori, ho trovato che… Continue reading


Spiral in the snow

Milte spiral in the snowwhite. sparkles of light reflected like stars in a night without horizons. spiral under the snow. every step recalling me to the present moment. firm, stable, adequate support for moving always forward, on the ice, to the center, arrived – eyes closed, five breaths, then departure, exiting. everything around a landscape of nothingness, cancelled white and asleep. time is a vague illusion, and I am in another world, so different from the spiral of summertime illuminating the world within, memories with indescribable colors ignited by the sun, nostalgia for a forgotten lifetime – told by the dance of emotions and the birds who sing the score of my DNA. finished, salutation. another cycle closed, until the next one – always in ascension.

bianco. scintille di luce riflesse come stelle d’una notte senza orizzonte. spirale sotto la neve. Continue reading

bisogna innamorarsi reciprocamente

we need to fall in love reciprocally
to reciprocate love, produce substances, improbable though never impossible futures. color reproduction of hidden visions. scenes in movement, accelerated. forms in time, fluid. simple ingredients. smiles. overlapping voices. the results of action, intended, dreamed, conquered together. every season a new container to fill with gold leaves that fly from the sun to the earth.

bisogna innamorarsi reciprocamente
per reciprocare l’amore, produrre sostanze, future improbabili, mai impossibili. riproduzione a colori di visioni nascosti. scene in movimento, accelerate. forme nel tempo, fluide. ingredienti semplici. sorrisi. voci sovrapposte. il risultato dell’azione, pensata, sognata, conquistata insieme. ogni stagione una nuova contenitore da riempire con foglie d’oro che volano dal sole alla terra