Healing of love and the dream of a new world

Con voi! My most recent journey in Portugal has been very rich with events and connections.


After landing in the Lisbon airport, I immediately took a bus to Evora and after changing into my temple dance costume in a refined hotel bathroom, I found myself standing on the Temple of Diana and doing a Sacred Dance performance. It felt very powerful to claim the honor of catalyzing millennial sacred space there. The temple is usually off-limits to anyone, and it felt transgressive on a human level yet very welcome on the divine level to step up and awaken it.

temple dance - 1I sensed the deep layers of history, the primal and elemental energies still breathing underneath the projections and oppression of religion over the centuries. A sense of reclaiming, for the feminine and the goddess. I danced a prayer for the temple and opening to intimacy and union through the public art performances that followed: blind hugs - 2blindfolded hugging and eye contact with strangers. Locals, travelers from northern Europe and Chinese tour groups stopped to observe, and some were brave enough to come in and participate. A feeling of love and magic all around.

The next day Paula S. – the Portuguese art professor who had organized the temple dance and performance piece, who came to Damanhur for the first Ecovillage Design Education course we held in 2011 and is now the organizer for the Path to Spiritual Freedom (new Damanhur School of Meditation path) in Portugal – took me around to meet different people and places in the spiritual and alternative world of Evora. She explained to me that there is a tight network of people who bring light to this city, although it takes determination to keep going because they can still feel the repressive resonance of the inquisition days. Despite this, I sensed the lightness in the hearts of the people in this area of Alentejo.

Then, I went to Tamera and participated in two events, Global Love School, along with Betsy and Eddie, and the World Council.

Global Love School

fire and waterthis and the following photos from Tamera by Ian Mackenzie

The intention of Global Love School is to explore the theme of love within communitarian, spiritual and political perspectives. There were a hundred participants or so, diverse individuals involved in community, communications, activism, healing of the body, soul and earth. Continue reading


free will is a scooter zipping through the streets of Palermo

Mediterranean glow

Sicily. beautiful island of warmth and vitality. I am grateful that I got to know you after I achieved a certain mastery of the Italian language, dilating the channel of contact and communication. it was the only way I could savor an island like you, a people like you: authentic, gregarious, solar, a bit wild in your naturalness and immediateness…smiles, touch, loud voices. the food, the love, the pleasure of living, of being alive, of sharing life with those who are close to you. hearts in tune with the sea.

pricklyin Palermo, street artists recognized me as one of them and invited me to ditch the hotel and stay as a guest at their place after just a few minutes of chatting and poetry, just a few hours after arriving at the airport so close to the sea that it seemed like the plane would submerge into the water upon landing.

after having discovered Damanhur through my first experiences of courses and work exchange, I sought out the Damanhur Center in Palermo, determined to connect there too. after a few emails and phone calls, Sandra met me at some agreed-upon intersection and picked me up on the back of her scooter, zipping through the streets with the wind blowing on our faces and through our hair, squeezing between cars, everything a blurred stream of baroque, byzantine and arab architecture, classically Mediterranean figures speaking to streets of Palermoeach other and walking around. we arrived at the center, entered the doorway and climbed the staircase, away from the urban chaos. I felt so relieved to be in rooms full of familiar books, objects and Selfic paintings, an island of light on the island of the sun.

that evening, Nautilo Miglio gave a talk, speaking of soul structure, reincarnation and divine spark, hinting at things beyond time and the galaxy. afterward, he asked himself, did that Asian girl sitting in the front row understand anything about the discussion? “yes, yes,” I said in Italian, “I understood everything. one question though: what does ‘libero arbitrio’ mean?” he explained to me, and I got it, and not just the translation. from then on, I began to really live it. a word so clear with Latin roots in choice, decision, in the precision of the direction. while ‘free will’ colors everything with the force of willpower, though if it is really free, it moves like a river, not an armed truck. I also understood that Damanhur is not just the community settlements in Valchiusella, it is a strategic lighthouse with many points on the planet and not only – sometimes mobile though always brilliant.

libero arbitrio è una moto per le strade di Palermo

Sicilia. bella isola di calore e vitalità. sono grata che ti ho conosciuta dopo ho avuto una padronanza della la lingua italiana, dilatando il canale di contatto, comunicazione… Continue reading

the olive tree

divine olives

published in the book Intimacy with Trees

my tree is an olive tree
from the air, breathing in the infinity of the sky, free clear and light
roots twist and entwine in the fertile depths of the earth
leaves purify thoughts and whisper the rhythm of time
moving in a contained dance with the wind

ancient rich tree
reflecting the nature of your land
microcosm of solid vitality

most saturated of all the earthly paradises that I have seen
fire of life distilled from the collecting chamomilesun in rays of light
pure gold

golden, the sunflowers
golden, the fruit trees
the cherry, fig, apricot and plum

every object that you contain
everything created and touched in you
a natural expression of beauty
the spheres of the Medici
six sister planets of Venus that orbit in an eternal cycle
Renaissance potency in every courtyard and chapel
vital and creative incision

your people, armed with smiles of innocence and joy
pleasure in the air, in La Maremma
from the sea, up to the hills, into the vineyards
I could spend a lifetime going around your roads
lined with cypress and oak

In Regello
surrounded by bright, red poppy flowers
interrupting the infinite green with kisses of passionate color
in the fields with beans and potatoes,
strawberries and cabbage
I feel at home on this faraway land
agricultural outpost charged with light, thought and intention

spiritual brothers and sisters with luminous eyes
like the azure of the sea
every dinner a simple and delectable party
every drop of oil and wine, worthy of a queen

at sunset, leaning against the trunk of the olive tree
my tree, it envelops me with poetry
subtle nourishment and the wisdom of this sacred earth

~ inspired by Damanhur nucleo community “Netila Ra” during my first visit there with Milena of the What’s Your Tree project and Rona from Findhorn


Netila Raho deciso. il mio albero è un olivo. dall’aria prende l’ampiezza del cielo, libero limpido e leggero. mentre i radici attorcigliano e si intrecciano nella feconda profondità della terra. le foglie purificano i pensieri e danno il ritmo del tempo, muovendo in una danza contenuta con il respiro del vento. tu, albero antico, ricco, rifletti la tua terra, microcosmo di solida vitalità.

Toscana. fra tutti i paradisi terrestri che ho attraversato, tu sei di sicuro il più saturo. fuoco di vita distillato dal sole in raggi di luce, d’oro puro. dorati i girasoli, dorati i frutti. il ciliegio, fico, albicocco e susino. ogni oggetto che contieni, ogni cosa creata e toccata in te è l’espressione naturale della bellezza. le palline dei Medici – sei pianete sorelle di the greeting treeVenere che orbitano in un ciclo eterno. potenza rinascimentale in ogni cortile e cappella. impronto vitale, creativo, il tuo popolo armato con un sorriso d’ingenuità ed allegria. piacere nell’aria, nella Maremma, e dal mare in su per le colline, nelle vigne. potrei passare una vita intera girando per le tue strade alberate da quercia e cipresso.

ma arrivata qui circondata dai papaveri che interrompono la verde infinita con baci di colori appassionati…fra i fagioli e le patate, le fragole ed i cavoli, qui sento a casa, su questo territorio lontano, avamposto agricolo caricato di luce e pensiero. fratelli con occhi luminosi come l’azzurro del mare, ogni cena una festa semplice e stupenda, ogni gocce d’olio e vino, degna di una regina. al tramonto, appoggiata contro il tronco del olivo, il mio albero mi avvolge con poesia, nutrimento sottile e la saggezza di questa sacra terra.

~ ispirata dal nucleo damanhuriano Netila Ra durante la mia prima visita con Milena del progetto ‘What’s Your Tree’ e Rona da Findhorn

revolutionary unchanging

birthday traditionChange nucleo community? But why? Before coming to Damanhur, I was a big traveler for an intense period of time. The only constant in my life was change. One of the many reasons I chose Damanhur is that here, I can stay in one place and the world comes to me, the most interesting and creative people from all countries and cultures… instead of going around and seeking them out. I realized that the same dynamic is happening in the microcosm of the nucleo. If I stay here, if I am the constant and I make an effort to stay in one place, in one nucleo, instead of following my mechanisms of evasion by constantly moving around… people come and go, grow, evolve, change diets, schedules, haircuts, Tecnarcato verifiers, now they become parents, now vertices – responsible for pillars of Damanhur, now esoteric marriage renewal, changed jobs, new relationships, Ways – spiritual pathways, cars, animals… new cups, potholders, what color will they be? The riding lawnmower is here! Let’s give back the bunkbeds. In the stillness, I have a precise measure of exactly how much life changes around me. A reverse journey. Stillpoint in the center of a temporal and human storm. Always new worlds to sculpt and discover.

Cambiare nucleo? Ma perché? Prima di arrivare a Damanhur, per un periodo ero un gran viaggiatrice. L’unica costante nella mia vita era il cambiamento. Continue reading