The infinitely small space between you and your dreams


During the time around November 1st, the Commemoration of the Dead Ritual, there were many opportunities to contact and listen to messages from the Beyond. I’ll share one with you, one I heard and interpreted in the Hall of Metals, close to the niche of the Earth portal, while I was guiding a Dutch group of the School of Meditation. The message has to do with dimensions, perceived magnitudes – maybe because I was translating Gnomo Orzo’s new book on Physics and Spiritual Physics How Many Holes does a Ring Have?, so I already had galactic and quantum dimensions and the elasticity of perceptions on my mind. Here is the message:

You who are there, in the world of forms, you think that all your affairs are extremely large and that there are enormous and sometimes insurmountable distances between you and your most precious dreams and desires. A new role, an innovative project, a life change, a new love, a child, an oath, a responsibility: for you these are steps that often scare you. You sense the risk; you worry about the results. You think about the worst thing that could happen… While here, from the Threshold, from the Beyond, we have a vision that helps us to understand that everything is infinitely smaller than that. There is no space, really. You don’t realize this: there is no space between you and your most important actions and missions. Nothing is too big, nothing is impossible, and there is no reason for fear or hesitation. Of course you may always evaluate situations before making sensible choices, but don’t stop yourself from fear of not succeeding, of not reaching the goal. You are already there, and if you open your hand, you will touch victory, Oro (Gold).



Durante il periodo la Commemorazione dei Defunti, attorno al 1 novembre, c’erano tante opportunità per contattare ed ascoltare i messaggi dall’Oltre. Continue reading


seated on a hill listening, the air speaks to me and says…

the most important thing to do is to enjoy life, every moment as if it were your last, because life is just this, here and now, and you are all alive! active in mind and body. with hands that build and beat rhythms and caress. sense the heartbeat, smell the scent of coffee, feel the veins on the leaf of a tree when you pass it, feel your emotions, all of them, even the senseless ones, the out of control ones. fear, guilt, judgement, regret, jealousy…recognize them, live them fully, breathe and say goodbye, gone! there’s no room inside the temple of the body for things that have become useless. cleanse. open all the senses – they are a loan, the biggest gift you have ever received, from the beginning until the day you leave them behind, and then? you too shall whisper to your spiritual sisters and brothers in tears, in silent reverence, listening, at least once a year. we’re here, we’re back. and always con voi, per voi (with you, for you).

seduta su una collina ascoltando e l’aria mi dice… Continue reading