serious jewelry and technology

Quaglia BefanaI’d like to tell you about my first day as the official (not the apprentice anymore) Befana of the Damanhur Way of the Oracle.

The trials have already started rolling in! I received a package from Zela and Nilo, two Damanhur children ages 8 and 1 year old, with a letter and two stockings to be filled. Before reading the letter, I thought, “I’ll take the stockings to Tentaty – our food coop – get some chocolates and candies to fill them, and it’s done.”

Then, I read the letter:

Dear “young” Befana, I don’t want sweets. etc., but if you have them, I want some “serious” jewelry. And Nilo wants something technological. I love you, Zela + Nilo. kisses and good luck

baciI went by Orocrea, the Damanhur goldsmith and jewelry artist workshop, feeling a little worried as I was looking at the jewelry and strategizing about potential loans I could take out in order to buy gold and gemstone pendants and an ipad… Then, after a phone call speaking with the wisdom of Capra, the children’s mother, I understood that I needed to use a different kind of logic to fulfill this challenge that the kids had launched to me on my first day as Befana.

I went home. In my bedroom, pacing back and forth, I looked at one of the beams and saw a necklace hanging there, one made from deep purple seeds… and I understood what to do.

befana 1The Befana wrote this story:

Once upon a time, there was an Indonesian princess who loved her islands. She walked along the beach collecting seashells, swam in the ocean with fish of a thousand different colors and played with dolphins fishwho spoke with her. In the jungle, she climbed up the trees with the monkeys, and she put bright, colorful flowers in her hair.

One day a messenger from far, far away delivered a letter to the princess. Within the letter was a map to find another island, one on the other side of the planet. This island was just as rich as hers, but the treasures were hidden inside the earth. She knew that this was her future, that she would go to that faraway island to help the people of that place dig in the earth and find the treasures.

There was a prince who loved the princess, and when he heard that she was about to leave for a long journey to a faraway place, he gifted her with a necklace of seeds. Each one of these seeds contained a magic potion in the center, to help realize the most important dreams.

The princess reached the island, and with the power of the necklace around her neck, she helped many people to achieve their dreams.

I, the Befana, met this princess on that island, and she gave me the necklace. She asked me to pass it on to someone who has a very big family with many dreams. This necklace I give to you, Zela. So, by wearing necklace and hugging people, you too can help your family dream big and manifest their most cherished dreams.

So, I would say it is a very serious necklace!

Then, for Nilo, the Befana put her personal nutcracker inside his stocking. You can’t get more technological than that…

It was 2 in the morning, and I finally went to sleep, satisfied by these first magical actions by the Befana.

befana 2I gift you with the capacity to always see the magic in life.


Gioielli e tecnologia seri

Mi piacerebbe raccontarvi del mio primo giorno da incaricata come Befana ufficiale (non più apprendista) della Via dell’Oracolo di Damanhur… già le prove arrivano! Continue reading


Falco. Popolo.

FalcoI smile, because somehow I feel you closer than ever… I see you in the eyes of my spiritual sisters and brothers, the intensity and presence of your gaze gleaming from pairs of eyes so diverse from one another, always shining. I laugh, because the divine and human sense of humor that you always cherished is alive in the words that are shared and the feeling in the air, the lightness of the soul flowing though it all, the highs, the lows, the waves and planes. I dance, because it’s all a celebration, of your intensely full lifetime, every moment saturated with creation, action, magic, Temples and dreams, of our interwoven and interconnected lives, living Popolo reawakening and expressing itself, the wisdom and centeredness of the sages and elders, the enthusiasm and purity of the youth, the playfulness and velocity of the children. Artists, warriors. Symphony in movement, in time. Even if it’s easy to cry these days, if you were to alchemically analyze our tears, you would find emotions full of love, color, vitality and strength. With gratitude, con te sempre.

Sorrido, perché in qualche modo ti sento più vicino che mai… Ti vedo negli occhi dei fratelli e le sorelle, l’intensità e la presenza del tuo sguardo brillando da occhi diversissimi, sempre luminosi. Continue reading


33. changed everything. I understand now, something I didn’t get before. though any kind of inner transformation cannot be adequately expressed with words, not even with poetry, it just touches the surface. a collar around my neck has melted and finally, I breathe, breathe, breathe, still, again…

the week of my birthday Burning Man Photo of the People Damanhurian New Year’s closes out with purifying water descending from the sky, now in a trickle, now in a spectacular outpour, then gentle again, like the clear eyes that gaze at me and ambient music deep in the night. fine, okay. the water equilibrates all the fiery fire, heating and burning, speaking with the gods through the patterns of flame in movement, fire that ignites fervor, passion, mixed with a pinch of fear. the brilliant singing sun, luminous even in the night. so little sleep, but hey, we can sleep later. later! afterwards. after we have colored the whole sky with the most lucid blue of materialized dreams and the deep violet of unconditional love, art in every gesture and word, every Heartfelt Touch®, every game risked and played full on. You and me, we are the world. and in the morning, only a vague sketch of dreams, archiving and solidifying memories, saturated splendid traces of abunDance and generosity, familiar territories, conversations already traced. gratitude expressed through the flight of a bird reflected by the stars.

33. ha cambiato tutto. capisco adesso, qualcosa che non ho capito prima…

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