Gargano. your waters have a special vibration of some kind, an almost audible melody. I can feel it when I wade into the gentle waves, sand dispersing in an underwater cloud with every step, and I know that it’s not just the purifying effect of the sea, but something invisible, a history to be told, sweet, subtle, feminine magic. floating free without destination, I look around and gaze at a heavenly sky with Pangolinesque clouds, Orango diving from the rocks, Civetta Bianca close to the water’s edge chatting with Pellicano, Goral searching for a lost child’s slipper, a strategically positioned sandcastle constructed by the kids. and in the distance, blurry without my glasses, the green tent with the yellow flag and the pink one, transforming a summer scene into a territory time-space, one that is ours, conquering it with intention, directed thought, the will to return – in this synchronic squad with tribal numbers – to a kind of purity. enchantment. enthusiasm. a living people, creative, ignited by love, sun, life.

Gargano. le tue acque hanno una vibrazione particolare… Continue reading