A year of being the Befana


Best wishes to everyone on the day of the Epiphany (La Befana)! I have been playing the role of the Befana (fully in the role and no longer an apprentice) for a year now. I still remember the wonder and also the fear that I felt when I received news from Shama Viola that she had chosen me as her apprentice. I remember the day of the official passing of the role, staying up at night to respond with the right action to the first challenge: a letter from Zela and Nilo (Damanhurian children) asking for particular gifts.

Here I share some lessons that I learned throughout the year, listening to the voice of the Befana within and beyond:

I am ready. I am a young Befana. At first I thought maybe too young to fill a role that requires wisdom and represents a mystical appearance in connection with divine forces. However, all throughout my life I have found myself in situations where I didn’t have all the traditional qualifications, although by overcoming doubt and choosing to be there, to do, to act, to learn, to offer myself to others… I find that something always comes together to support: inspiration, synchronicity, the knowledge of the Popolo, mysterious aid, rewards that are proportionate to the courage involved in making the choice.

Listening and communicating. There are messages, always. To receive and to give. It’s just a matter of finding the right way to listen. Sometimes it’s silence. Sometimes it’s an observant eye. Sometimes I need to let go into the flow of connection that is always moving around me. Sometimes I don’t quite understand: why this message, in this moment, and for whom? But I trust in it, and I express it, and the open channel surprises me with synchronic results, like the story of the parking lot blocks and the dome of the Hall of Mirrors!

The broom. Part of the Befana myth says that she is always occupied in housecleaning. Even when she is flying out and about, she leaves the floor clean using her Befana broom. And this represents sweeping away of the problems of the year. It’s true, I have always swept the floor in the spaces around me attentively and a little obsessively. There is a distinct feeling before and after, renewed energy, lightness, a stage that is reopened to welcome new events and presences. The broom is a symbol, and it is also a tool for taking action in the material world.

Happy cleaning and celebration!

Quaglia Cocco
The Befana

befana-quagliaAuguri a tutti nel giorno della Befana! Svolgo questo ruolo da Befana (piena e non più apprendista) da un anno adesso. Mi ricordo ancora lo stupore e anche il timore che sentivo quando ho ricevuto la notizia da Shama Viola che mi ha scelta come apprendista, e il giorno del passaggio ufficiale, rimanendo sveglia di notte per rispondere con l’azione giusta alla prima sfida: una lettera da Zela e Nilo chiedendo doni particolari. Continue reading


iTunes divination ritual

I was planning on writing a Befana article after the Divination of the Lamb ritual held last Monday, with some wise and stimulating, profound and amusing comments. Well, I have to admit. I have no idea what to say about it. I was concentrated on performing Sacred Dance during the ritual, so I mainly had that channel open and not others. Although beyond that, I just wasn’t able to connect with it and give it a magical interpretation.

Bral Talej 1Instead of getting depressed about this and resigning as Befana, I am choosing to write an article anyway, reflecting on the act of divination. I believe that we all have the capacity to read events on a synchronic level, although we need to be familiar with, and have an emotional connection with, the elements that speak to us. Some people are able to read the behavior of animals and expanded playing fields, because they love this. Others feel more resonant with coffee grounds, leaves that flutter in the wind, or clouds that float across the sky. Speaking of clouds, I discovered while doing the fifth level of the Past Lives Research course that as a young Peruvian shepherdess and apprentice shamaness in the 5th century, the clouds spoke to me. Every once in a while – in this lifetime – I stop to look at the sky and observe the clouds. But what on earth are they saying? Who knows… Sometimes they are wispier, sometimes they are more grey. There was that one time they made a triangle shape above the helicopter landing pad at Damjl, and the other time they were curved in S-shapes. Remarkable, but no clear messages are coming through.

PeruI recognize that in this incarnation, I wasn’t raised in the high planes of Peru gathering herbs and herding llamas. I grew up in the suburbs of a big city: Houston, Texas USA. Sometimes we would go outside to play, but it was too hot in the summer and rainy in the winter. The few trees that were around disappeared under ever more residential construction sites. So, when I was a kid, I listened to music, watched television and played computer games, basically living a life disconnected from nature. The signs and signals that I know best, from birth, are modern and communicative.

Every once in a while, I do a divination game with music. It’s an idea that came to me spontaneously one day. (I’ll let my DJ identity “DJ Cocco Bliss” explain how it works to you…) I open my MacBook Pro, open iTunes, go to some playlist with a large number and variety of songs, put it on random play. Then, I think of a question, a person or situation that I want to receive an answer about, and I click on the double arrow to advance to the next song (selected randomly), and interesting responses come through. The style and tone of the music makes an immediate impact, and by listening to the words of the song, if there are any, I receive verbal messages about the question I had in mind.

Here is the song that came through with this method for this article…

There are thousands of other codes and readings that can be chosen. The idea is to always keep our perceptions open and to experiment with different methods, because everything communicates. Everything is connected in a web of synchronicity. Sometimes we need to adapt divination to personal situations and current times to become aware of this, and make it come to life.

Quaglia Cocco
The Befana



Avevo intenzione di scrivere un articolo da Befana dopo la Mantica dell’agnello lunedì scorsa, con qualche commento saggio e stimolante, profondo e divertente…

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