revolutionary unchanging

birthday traditionChange nucleo community? But why? Before coming to Damanhur, I was a big traveler for an intense period of time. The only constant in my life was change. One of the many reasons I chose Damanhur is that here, I can stay in one place and the world comes to me, the most interesting and creative people from all countries and cultures… instead of going around and seeking them out. I realized that the same dynamic is happening in the microcosm of the nucleo. If I stay here, if I am the constant and I make an effort to stay in one place, in one nucleo, instead of following my mechanisms of evasion by constantly moving around… people come and go, grow, evolve, change diets, schedules, haircuts, Tecnarcato verifiers, now they become parents, now vertices – responsible for pillars of Damanhur, now esoteric marriage renewal, changed jobs, new relationships, Ways – spiritual pathways, cars, animals… new cups, potholders, what color will they be? The riding lawnmower is here! Let’s give back the bunkbeds. In the stillness, I have a precise measure of exactly how much life changes around me. A reverse journey. Stillpoint in the center of a temporal and human storm. Always new worlds to sculpt and discover.

Cambiare nucleo? Ma perché? Prima di arrivare a Damanhur, per un periodo ero un gran viaggiatrice. L’unica costante nella mia vita era il cambiamento. Continue reading


embracing the chaos of carlessness

After I made the unpredictable choice, unexplainable by neither logic nor probability, the choice to live here, Damanhur, precisely in this place at the control panel in the center of the universe, of worlds, lives, dreams, where the stars speak to the chickens and the colors of the wildflowers paint codes in ancient languages, in an Italian village with subtle roads and a spaceship for every family… I sold my beloved white hybrid car, which was motionless in America. Zippy. She was my traveling companion. How many times in the desert along the California coast, nighttime mountain roads until dawn, under the sun between Arizona and New Mexico, horse ranches, Indiana corn fields, stretched between infinite metropolis light.

I decided to not have a car here. Beyond the simplicity and ecological values, I was motivated by the fact that I love to get synchronic rides. To take off, walk, listen to the motor that instead of going past in a continuous roar, slows down, stops. And I get on. And I say ‘con te’ and smile at my unexpected, always beautiful and appreciated companions. It is a game, a strategy to mix the geometries. Today, Mamba and Koala, a pretty athletic move to get in the backseat behind a metal ladder and various tools. I close my eyes and enjoy the natural poetry, sweet equilibrium between feminine voice, melted, clear, and masculine movement, responding without words. Driving. The destination, the voyage.

Dopo che ho fatto la scelta imprevedibile e non spiegabile, né da logica né da probabilità, di vivere qui, proprio qui, Damanhur, al pannello di controllo al centro del universo, dei mondi, delle vite, dei sogni, dove le stelle parlano con le galline ed i colori dei fiori selvatici dipingono codici in lingue antiche, in un villaggio italiano con strade sottile e un’astronave per ogni famiglia… Continue reading