FAQ (frequently asked questions) for new and international citizens at Damanhur

I remember the tingling excitement I felt at the thought of becoming a Damanhur citizen, in those days when it was all still a dream within a dream. Then, the endless questions and unknowns would spin in my head, and I wondered if I could really manifest it as a destiny, with so many practical things to consider and resolve.

Here a few frequently asked questions I’ve heard from people considering citizenship at Damanhur and responses based on my experience here. Whether you are coming for the new temporary citizenship or longer, or just browsing through the website, I hope this brings clarity and ignites the courage for you to dive into your dreams… Continue reading


Work, velocity and free time

I’ve been living as a full-time citizen of Damanhur for a couple of years now. Before that, I was traveling the world and enjoying life at my own pace, quite open, flowing and free.

So, Damanhur has a certain structure and organization to it, and it does move at an incredible velocity. My rhythms have changed since I’ve arrived here. Mostly, I enjoy it. I find that I naturally think and move very fast too, and when I’m doing what I love, it’s the only way for me. I can keep going all day and sometimes into the night, and I receive so much energy from what I do, sometimes it feels like more than I’m using up! Magic! Continue reading