Falco. Popolo.

FalcoI smile, because somehow I feel you closer than ever… I see you in the eyes of my spiritual sisters and brothers, the intensity and presence of your gaze gleaming from pairs of eyes so diverse from one another, always shining. I laugh, because the divine and human sense of humor that you always cherished is alive in the words that are shared and the feeling in the air, the lightness of the soul flowing though it all, the highs, the lows, the waves and planes. I dance, because it’s all a celebration, of your intensely full lifetime, every moment saturated with creation, action, magic, Temples and dreams, of our interwoven and interconnected lives, living Popolo reawakening and expressing itself, the wisdom and centeredness of the sages and elders, the enthusiasm and purity of the youth, the playfulness and velocity of the children. Artists, warriors. Symphony in movement, in time. Even if it’s easy to cry these days, if you were to alchemically analyze our tears, you would find emotions full of love, color, vitality and strength. With gratitude, con te sempre.

Sorrido, perché in qualche modo ti sento più vicino che mai… Ti vedo negli occhi dei fratelli e le sorelle, l’intensità e la presenza del tuo sguardo brillando da occhi diversissimi, sempre luminosi. Continue reading


Sunday morning devotion

sunday morning. what satisfaction, saturating the laziest day of the week with the density of action, at least in the morning, getting up even earlier for kapalabhati and sun salutations in the field of Tiglio with Anu, eyes closed against the strengthening rays of the sun, which touch the grass with the first kiss of the morning. then, in the dark of the cellar, cleaning moldy walls with brush and sponges that get dirty quick. a super-zen meditation, not so elegant, bleach fumes, changing again and again the clear clean water become a murky brown-grey. the pathway to enlightenment is not only paved with gold and silver, but underneath, bricks carved and put in place one at a time, scratching the hands, saturating the clothes with dust and sweat. then friends came to celebrate Luciano’s birthday, a beautiful lunch and cakes made with love by Saturnia, tarot and piano, happiness held up by the base of millenary effort of this land, making it worthy of the spirits that open the door of the earth.

domenica mattina… Continue reading

bisogna innamorarsi reciprocamente

we need to fall in love reciprocally
to reciprocate love, produce substances, improbable though never impossible futures. color reproduction of hidden visions. scenes in movement, accelerated. forms in time, fluid. simple ingredients. smiles. overlapping voices. the results of action, intended, dreamed, conquered together. every season a new container to fill with gold leaves that fly from the sun to the earth.

bisogna innamorarsi reciprocamente
per reciprocare l’amore, produrre sostanze, future improbabili, mai impossibili. riproduzione a colori di visioni nascosti. scene in movimento, accelerate. forme nel tempo, fluide. ingredienti semplici. sorrisi. voci sovrapposte. il risultato dell’azione, pensata, sognata, conquistata insieme. ogni stagione una nuova contenitore da riempire con foglie d’oro che volano dal sole alla terra

Work, velocity and free time

I’ve been living as a full-time citizen of Damanhur for a couple of years now. Before that, I was traveling the world and enjoying life at my own pace, quite open, flowing and free.

So, Damanhur has a certain structure and organization to it, and it does move at an incredible velocity. My rhythms have changed since I’ve arrived here. Mostly, I enjoy it. I find that I naturally think and move very fast too, and when I’m doing what I love, it’s the only way for me. I can keep going all day and sometimes into the night, and I receive so much energy from what I do, sometimes it feels like more than I’m using up! Magic! Continue reading