desire is all we need for unity

it’s enough to just want it
desiring and being
to be here
in the Game of Life:
I, you, we
a single being
a Popolo like no other
us, united.


it’s enough to see it
to see
your smile
emanating from the dream
in your heart.
my desire,
your living dream,
within you
inside of me,
chain of smiles,

it’s enough to feel it
all of themFreedom in Community:
a river
from the future to the now
the present moment
the only moment
that counts
that pulses
with the vitality
of the heart
yours, mine
together with joy
and free will.

~ Quaglia

Winter Solstice 2013, for my ‘viaggio‘ traveling companions who inspired me by risking, sharing and opening their hearts, to reach a new level of community unity: The SuperIndividual.

basta volerlo
volere e essere
desiderareContinue reading


underground alliance

Mt. Shasta clouds

Underground alliance. Lines intersecting in the depths, separate paths gliding together. And even the trees connect us with their pure signals, emissary roots, orienting us toward a Union of hearts. Beating, a common rhythm communicating from the center or the earth. Beyond diversity, syntony of species, symphony of codes: blood lymph rivers and currents of rock. The sun dancing in a delicate equilibrium with gravity, alone in an incomplete circle. Here in this world, its singular rays are intwined with interplanetary ones, passing through clouds that hide passageways with their innocent shapes. Elliptical, dissolved …

written on Mount Shasta, California, 2 September 2013

Fratellanza sotterranea. Linee intrecciate in profondità, strade diverse scivolano insieme… Continue reading

azafrán y alegría

entering into the dining hall,
I feel the Iberian heat.
an atmosphere of intimacy and festivity.Flamenco

a journey through flavors
that open the doors of the heart.
appetizer spices stinging the tongue
mixing with wine on the lips.

red dress,
black heels.

paella made withJoy secret ingredients
beyond the saffron, which
adds its enchanting flavor as always.

on a journey…
riding horses through the Andalusian hills
crossing la tierra
a land of freedom
a people in movement
dancing until dawn
flamenco, bolero, jota

it’s serious here.
swirl of lightness and grace.
senses alive, sweating.
men, proud and spontaneous
women, elegant and alluring,
entwined in spiral movements,
united in one joyful open heart.concerto
hips hitting the rhythms,
ole! with rousing claps.

what a delectable country
alegría, vivacious eyes
in love with life,
a life saturated with beauty.

(written with gratitude for Spanish dinner night at Prima Stalla)

entrando nel salone
si sente il calore iberico.
atmosfera d’intimità e festività… Continue reading